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Team Incentives and the Free Rider Problem

Team incentives, where an individual’s compensation is based on the team’s performance, are notoriously difficult to implement. Yet more and more work in companies large and small is being done through formal or informal teams. What do we need to … Continue reading

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Getting Started in Human Capital Analytics

Last week I attended the NCHRA (Northern California HR Association) HR Metrics and Analytics conference in Santa Clara, California.  There was a turnout of over 60 Bay Area HR professionals representing a number of diverse organizations. Based on the dialog at … Continue reading

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“Unalytics” Awards – Nominee #1

The growing appetite for human capital analytics is drawing more professionals into the wider “market” for human capital analytics, including some players who ought to have done a little more homework. We hereby announce the Nelson Touch Consulting Awards for … Continue reading

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Size Matters

In his Research for the Real World column in World at Work’s Workspan magazine, Kevin Hallock asserts that CEO pay is positively correlated with firm size, even when controlling for a number of other variables. Should we be surprised? I … Continue reading

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Value Proposition for an Early Investment in Human Capital Analytics Capability

A few weeks ago I was visiting with an HR executive at a small but growing technology company who asked me about the value proposition for investing in a human capital analytics capability. The company uses analytics in its core … Continue reading

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What Financial Analysts Think of Human Capital

A perspectives article with this title from the December issue of Talent Management Magazine prompted the following response from me via the Workforce Intelligence Consortium Linked In discussion group. My response received some positive feedback, so I thought I would … Continue reading

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Teaching Analytics to HR Professionals

As the interest in human capital analytics grows apace, I’ve been thinking again about why it’s taken so long for HR professionals to appreciate the value analytics bring to decision making related to human resource investment. One factor that came … Continue reading

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A Capital Idea?

The HR function has been called many things, some of them not very kind. It’s name has changed over time from personnel to human resources. Some companies are now using the term human capital management.  What is “human capital” and … Continue reading

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“Do as I do, not as I say”

Who hasn’t heard the line “do as I say, not as I do”? It’s a handy device for many situations.   A “free pass” for a parent admonishing a child to eat more vegetables. An “insurance policy” for a teacher confident … Continue reading

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