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10 Grains of Salt to go with HR Research

The increasing popularity of human capital analytics has HR professionals contending with more statistics than they bargained for when they entered the field.  Is HR equipped to capitalize on the burgeoning human capital analytical research? My sense, based on questions … Continue reading

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“Unalytics” Awards – Nominee #1

The growing appetite for human capital analytics is drawing more professionals into the wider “market” for human capital analytics, including some players who ought to have done a little more homework. We hereby announce the Nelson Touch Consulting Awards for … Continue reading

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Teaching Analytics to HR Professionals

As the interest in human capital analytics grows apace, I’ve been thinking again about why it’s taken so long for HR professionals to appreciate the value analytics bring to decision making related to human resource investment. One factor that came … Continue reading

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Book Review: Logistic Regression – A Self-Learning Text

A book review of Logistic Regression – A Self-Learning Text, by David G. Kleinbaum and Mitchell Klein. Third Edition. Springer, 2010. Continue reading

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