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Paradigms and People

Economics gets a bum rap as the dismal science or the undergraduate major of last resort. The truth is that the subject gains relevance only after you’ve had some real world work experience and are in a management role that … Continue reading

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Team Incentives and the Free Rider Problem

Team incentives, where an individual’s compensation is based on the team’s performance, are notoriously difficult to implement. Yet more and more work in companies large and small is being done through formal or informal teams. What do we need to … Continue reading

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10 Grains of Salt to go with HR Research

The increasing popularity of human capital analytics has HR professionals contending with more statistics than they bargained for when they entered the field.  Is HR equipped to capitalize on the burgeoning human capital analytical research? My sense, based on questions … Continue reading

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Value Proposition for an Early Investment in Human Capital Analytics Capability

A few weeks ago I was visiting with an HR executive at a small but growing technology company who asked me about the value proposition for investing in a human capital analytics capability. The company uses analytics in its core … Continue reading

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Senior Vice President of Employee Success

I was recently privy to an offer letter to a 2011 college graduate signed by the “Senior Vice President of Employee Success.” Although its easy to deride non-traditional titles (and there are plenty to snigger at), I thought this one … Continue reading

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Trafalgar Day 2010

I could not let Trafalgar Day pass by without a Nelsonian post. I discovered a brilliant essay on the Nelson Touch by Eric Beaudan, Leadership Practice Leader at Odgers, Ray and Berndtson in Toronto, Canada.  The essay begins with the … Continue reading

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Organizational Design in Response to an Exogenous Shock

All organizations have hierarchies. The nature of corporate hierarchies has long been the subject of organizational design research. Among other things, hierarchies are useful for command and control (e.g., the “chain of command” in the military), functional segmentation (e.g., divisions … Continue reading

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“Human resources professionals need to be more strategic”

This is invariably the take-away from most HR conferences where senior HR leaders describe how they transformed HR and got their proverbial seat at the table. How do HR professionals become more strategic? Do you need to get an MBA? … Continue reading

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