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Senior Vice President of Employee Success

I was recently privy to an offer letter to a 2011 college graduate signed by the “Senior Vice President of Employee Success.” Although its easy to deride non-traditional titles (and there are plenty to snigger at), I thought this one … Continue reading

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Trafalgar Day 2010

I could not let Trafalgar Day pass by without a Nelsonian post. I discovered a brilliant essay on the Nelson Touch by Eric Beaudan, Leadership Practice Leader at Odgers, Ray and Berndtson in Toronto, Canada.  The essay begins with the … Continue reading

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Employee Effectiveness – Teachers

Measuring teacher effectiveness is difficult. However, certain parameters have emerged from the research. Five of these are described by Professors Staiger and Rockoff in their Journal of Economic Perspectives (Summer 2010) article “Searching for Effective Teachers with Imperfect Information.” The authors suggest ways for school leaders to take advantage of these insights when hiring and retaining teachers. There are parallels for standard employee performance measurement, recruiting and retention. Continue reading

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