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Book Review: HR Analytics Handbook

The field of human resources analytics (aka human capital analytics) has taken the HR world by storm.  The unsung analytical heroics of rare HR quants, hitherto hidden from sight, have moved to center stage.  HR professionals worldwide have embraced the use of data, … Continue reading

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Behold the Box Plot

Compensation professionals are constantly examining the distribution of data – e.g., the distribution of salaries, salary increases, bonus payouts, etc. While typically focused on quartiles and medians of the distribution, they recognize that they need to look at the entire … Continue reading

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Value Proposition for an Early Investment in Human Capital Analytics Capability

A few weeks ago I was visiting with an HR executive at a small but growing technology company who asked me about the value proposition for investing in a human capital analytics capability. The company uses analytics in its core … Continue reading

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What Financial Analysts Think of Human Capital

A perspectives article with this title from the December issue of Talent Management Magazine prompted the following response from me via the Workforce Intelligence Consortium Linked In discussion group. My response received some positive feedback, so I thought I would … Continue reading

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Teaching Analytics to HR Professionals

As the interest in human capital analytics grows apace, I’ve been thinking again about why it’s taken so long for HR professionals to appreciate the value analytics bring to decision making related to human resource investment. One factor that came … Continue reading

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“Do as I do, not as I say”

Who hasn’t heard the line “do as I say, not as I do”? It’s a handy device for many situations.   A “free pass” for a parent admonishing a child to eat more vegetables. An “insurance policy” for a teacher confident … Continue reading

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Compensation Professionals Have a Competitive Advantage in Human Capital Analytics

Last week I made a presentation to technology industry compensation and benefits leaders in the Boston area on “Getting Started in Human Capital Analytics.” I had been invited to speak by Joe Duggan, one of the co-founders of Comptryx, a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Logistic Regression – A Self-Learning Text

A book review of Logistic Regression – A Self-Learning Text, by David G. Kleinbaum and Mitchell Klein. Third Edition. Springer, 2010. Continue reading

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Will Specialized Analytics “Apps” Emerge?

In his Masters of Business Analytics blog, Tom Davenport has argued that the analytical technology environment will change dramatically over the next several years and that one key change will be a shift from multi-purpose technology environments to focused applications … Continue reading

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