Career Advice on Human Capital Analytics

In my Human Capital Institute (HCI) Executive Conversations webinar on “Making the Most of Human Capital Analytics” earlier today, I did not get a chance to offer the participants advice on how to get started in analytics.

Here is the slide that I did not get a chance to cover. I think the bullet points cover the message adequately, though I’m happy to elaborate if anyone has questions.

The bottom line is that in your first foray, don’t try and boil the ocean. Find an issue, situation or problem that you can wrap your arms around and throw light on through some thoughtful analytics.

About thenelsontouch

Amit is the founder and managing director of Nelson Touch Consulting, a management consultancy that specializes in maximizing the return on human capital through strategy, incentives and analytics.
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3 Responses to Career Advice on Human Capital Analytics

  1. Stuart Shaw says:

    Hi Nelson
    I liked this for 3 reasons: 1) the clear step by step common sense but also surprising HC newbie advice (so many people ask or are asking the questions now, and everyone starts somewhere, but it’s good to offer clear signposts); 2) the tag, go forth and analyse! Love the positivity – but also the sense that this is an emerging science here, so get into the lab and get your hands dirty; 3) your use of the plastics guy from the Graduate (I’m guessing your referencing David Brook’s NYT column about human capital? Either way, we used it for a similar purpose in our free ebook, The Human Capital Handbook – – We’ve got our second edition coming out in June, would love to embellish this advice and include it?

    • Hi Stuart,

      Thank you so much for your response and apologies for the delayed response. I got involved in research for the last few months and was not able to update the blog. I’m so glad you picked up on the themes I was trying to bring out. I actually hadn’t seen David Brook’s NYT column, but will look for it. I just love that scene from the movie and have to restrain myself whenever someone asks me for career advice – I have to remember that its quite an old movie and although a classic, may not resonate with new job market entrants. Unfortunately I have missed you Handbook update, but if there are any other opportunities, do let me know.



  2. Stuart Shaw says:

    Hi Amit, not a problem. I know what its like. I have only just emerged blinking in the sun like a mole from some research myself (talent management for the airline industry of all things). We’ve actually just published the third Human Capital Handbook – I can send you a copy of course, just drop me an email – but the offer is still more than open to contribute as this is a rolling series, with the next issue set for late Dec release. If you’re still interested – more, have the time – let me know by email and I’ll send through some ideas.



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