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The Rule of 72

Did you know that you can instantly calculate in your head the number of years that a quantity will double in, given its annual rate of growth? Picture yourself in a conference or discussion where, for example, someone says that … Continue reading

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“Unalytics” Awards – Nominee #1

The growing appetite for human capital analytics is drawing more professionals into the wider “market” for human capital analytics, including some players who ought to have done a little more homework. We hereby announce the Nelson Touch Consulting Awards for … Continue reading

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Leadership vs. Management

Are these two notions distinct, synonymous or complementary? Many views prevail in the literature. I find the views of John Kotter and Peter Northouse particularly compelling, based on my own experience with leaders and managers at all levels of organizations, … Continue reading

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Text Analyze This

What are the different connotations ascribed to the term “human capital” by HR professionals and what is a simple way to illustrate the variety? The opportunity to examine these two questions came up recently as part of some work with … Continue reading

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It’s Probable: You Have a Chance

As HR professionals wrap their heads around predictive human capital analytics, one of the capabilities required will be a firm grasp of probability. Not just relevant probability theory, but a feel for the numbers as well. Why is this important? … Continue reading

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A Comment on Pay Transparency

The following is a letter to the editor of HR Executive Magazine published in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue. As the article suggests, pay transparency is more than just revealing everyone’s pay. Rather than opening a Pandora’s box of emotions and unhealthy thoughts (“Ha – … Continue reading

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Size Matters

In his Research for the Real World column in World at Work’s Workspan magazine, Kevin Hallock asserts that CEO pay is positively correlated with firm size, even when controlling for a number of other variables. Should we be surprised? I … Continue reading

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